St. Michael’s School is honored to share the extraordinary achievements of our Debate Club students, who have continued to perform at an outstanding level in national and international debates.

On April 29th – 30th, students participated in the “Tournament of Champions” in Kentucky, the top debate tournament in the United States for the past 46 years. This year’s competition had 763 of the best debate teams from United States, Asia, and the Dominican Republic participating.

Our SMS Debate team participated in the “Silver” category. In a fantastic display of skill, the pair of Eduardo Fernández and Eduardo Elías made it to the finals, and the pair of Máximo Beras Goico and Giulio Ferrari made it to the semi-finals! Individual awards were also earned – in the Speaker Awards International category, Eduardo Fernández won first place, and Eduardo Elías third.

We are very proud of the great achievement of our students and their commitment in reaching their goals. What a wonderful job representing our school and our country. Congratulations!

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