St. Michael's

Education Without Frontiers

St. Michael’s School is a 1st through 12th-grade school with rigorous academic demands and a sound character education program. The school’s international curriculum is delivered in the English language, and complemented with Lengua Española and Estudios Sociales classes offered in Spanish in compliance with MINERD requirements. Founded in 1991 by educators Christian Virginia Heinsen, Michelle Morel, and Roxanna Soto. St. Michael’s is committed to forming well-rounded individuals and life-long learners, who will make a difference in the world. 


Founded by Christian Heinsen, Michelle Morel, and Roxanna Soto


Years of mastery in education


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College and university admission rate by SMS graduates

Our Logo In Depth

“Lighting the Flame within”

The divine spark within us all, that when lit, inspires us each day to become better human beings, who strive for perfection.

“Imagine. Create. Become.”

The essence of our humanness: our physical body, our intellectual mind, our emotional being, and the vitality within us that drives us to become all that we can be.

“Rooted in Relationships. Our Faith, our Family, our Future”

The part of the human being that transcends death – the soul, the superior mind, and the spirit that remains with God forever.


“Inspiring Wisdom, Love for Knowledge, and Justice”

The circle represents divinity – since the inner flame we are working towards perfection.

Directors Emeritus

Meet the founders...

Christian Heinsen

Michelle Morel

Roxanna Soto