Community Outreach

In Service of our community


Character building through

Community Service

Due to the importance it has for the development of responsibility in general and, in particular, of social responsibility, giving service to the community is a very valuable school policy. Thus, the different grades, under the organization and supervision of the teachers responsible for each classroom, and the coordination of the Character Education Department, are committed to developing at least one social activity per year. Each member of the staff assigned to the Character Education Department, also carries out an annual activity.


Students work very hard in fund-raising community service projects.


Students choose the social service that they decide to work for. 

Follow UP

Projects are properly implemented, overseen and supported.

Minimal Requirements for student’s social service work per year: Elementary, 10 hours. Secondary, 20 hours.

Requirement for graduation: 140 hours carried out from 9th to 12th grades (80 per the SMS policy, plus 60 according to Law No. 179-03 of the Dominican Republic)


The school’s community outreach program has been involved in supporting the low-income school, Centro de Educación Inicial San Martín de Porres in Villa Marina

SMS students visit this institution multiple times a year, and engage in both educational and leisure activities. They also organize drives to collect clothing, school supplies, toys, among other items. In addition, they have raised money and donations to purchase different equipment such as, patio games, water tanks, trash cans, and recycling bins, etc. 

Environmental Sustainability

Learn more about student’s eco-friendly activities and St. Michael’s efforts in sustainability.