Induction Ceremony of the National Honor Society

The National Honor Society was founded in 1921 to recognize and encourage academic achievement while also developing other characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy.  Now, 95 years later, the National Honor Society has become a prestigious international organization.  Through the NHS chapter service activities, members maintain and extend the qualities that won them selection.  Membership is both an honor and a commitment.

Throughout the years, millions of students from all over the world have been selected as members of the National Honor Society.  Today we salute the students selected this year from St. Michael’s School who have met the high standards of scholarship, leadership, service, and character—the criteria by which they are judged.  Please join me in welcoming our soon-to-be NHS members.

The St. Michael’s School NHS chapter began in 2000.  Through the years, students have been involved in service activities around the school and around the country.  Since 2005, the NHS members decided to work with Habitat for Humanity, an international organization that helps build houses for people who would not otherwise be able to own their own homes. For the past 3 years, the SMS NHS Students have adopted as their own, the Fundacion Amigos Contra el Cancer Infantil, also known as Casa FACCI, where NHS members have conducted Christmas toy drives, toiletry drives, or simply spending precious time with these children, coloring with them or painting their faces.

The principles of the National Honor Society

Scholarship is the power of the mind to dispel ignorance through scientific investigation of the truth.

Leadership is the power of personality that blazes the trail for humanity’s upward climb.

Character, the composite of all the common virtues, sets the seal of righteousness upon our every endeavor.

Service is the beginning and end of our education, a constant striving to help those who are less fortunate and to put others before our own pleasures.


During the ceremony, 4 students lit the flame of the torch of the NHS emblem


Nicole Santos, lit the candle of Scholarship, and read its meaning.

Gabriela Alvarez, lit the candle of Character, and read its meaning.

Cesar Tapia, lit the candle of Leadership, and read its meaning.

Diana Tejeda, lit the candle of Service, and read its meaning.


Inducted Students

  1. Pamela Maria Barcelo Dargam
  2. Christiern Emanuel Broberg Guzman
  3. Mikael De Jesus Lehoux Marmolejos
  4. Alexander Lopez D’ Antonio
  5. Carlos Miguel Olivero Rodriguez
  6. Carlos Eduardo Ottenwalder Peralta
  7. Carolina Isabel Roldan Guerrero
  8. Maria Alejandra Sturla Gonzalez
  9. Maria Jose Tejon Leira






National Honor Society

Students from grades 10th through 12th who maintain an overall average of 90%, display positive leadership skills, have a well-rounded character, and are involved in community service activities, may be considered to participate in the society.

Following a careful selection process in Spring of each year, those students who are chosen to become members, are inducted. A Faculty Council is responsible for this selection process and the regulations of the society. The society, recognized throughout the United States and internationally, is “both the public recognition of accomplishment and the private commitment to continued excellence on the part of the new member” (National Honor Society Manual, p. 23).

The main objective of this program is to develop the leadership skills of the National Honor Society members, as well as those of other potential student leaders, so that they may serve as instruments of change for a generation critically lacking in human and spiritual values.

Through this program, the student leaders themselves, will help create new standards of behavior for young adults and strive to fill the need for renewed human values. This group meets on a weekly basis during the regular school schedule.