National Honor Society

Students from grades 10th through 12th who maintain an overall average of 90%, display positive leadership skills, have a well-rounded character, and are involved in community service activities, may be considered to participate in the society.

Following a careful selection process in Spring of each year, those students who are chosen to become members, are inducted. A Faculty Council is responsible for this selection process and the regulations of the society. The society, recognized throughout the United States and internationally, is “both the public recognition of accomplishment and the private commitment to continued excellence on the part of the new member” (National Honor Society Manual, p. 23).

The main objective of this program is to develop the leadership skills of the National Honor Society members, as well as those of other potential student leaders, so that they may serve as instruments of change for a generation critically lacking in human and spiritual values.

Through this program, the student leaders themselves, will help create new standards of behavior for young adults and strive to fill the need for renewed human values. This group meets on a weekly basis during the regular school schedule.