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Christian Heinsen

Michelle Morel

Roxanna Soto

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Head of School

Mrs. Rowena fIGUEREO

Elementary School Principal

Mrs. Leslie Alvarez

Secondary School Principal

Mrs. Sofia Freites

Elementary School Assistant Principal

Mrs. Joseina Padilla

Secondary School Assistant Principal


All teachers at St. Michael’s School have at least a bachelor’s degree and at least 50% have a Master’s degree or are currently working towards completing same. Teachers are required to have credits in education, in addition to 24 credits in area of specialty. This includes the library/media specialist and counselor.

Teaching staff at St. Michael’s School must earn six or more semester hours of credit, or the equivalent, during each five years of employment. The school encourages the academic personnel, to participate in workshops, seminars, and conferences, to keep on track of latest educational updates.