SMS offers a variety of sports, such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball.

The school´s varsity team and after-school club teams participate in many national, intercollegiate, and friendly competitions, winning many 1st places and earning multiple trophies and achievement awards.

SMS is very proud of hosting the bi-yearly DOLPHIN CUP soccer tournament, with the participation of up to 12 schools with competitive soccer teams.  This event is a highlight among the SMS educational community.    

Our sportsmanship mascot, Dolphy, the Dolphin, is always cheering and supporting our teams. Go, Dolphins, Go! 

SMS Dolphins


Playing soccer is great exercise that improves cardiovascular health, increases coordination, develops strength, and enhances flexibility. Soccer also boosts self-confidence and self-esteem.

Our school’s soccer teams compete in several tournaments throughout the year. We have boys and girls teams ranging from 1st grade to 12th grade. 

Boys I: Grades: 1st to 2nd
Boys II: Grades: 3rd to 4th
Boys II-III: Grades: 4rd to 6th
Boys IIII: Grades: 5th to 6th
Boys IV : Grades: 7th to 12th
Girls I: Grades: 1st to 3rd
Girls II: Grades: 4th to 6th
Girls Varsity: Grades: 7th to 12th


Basketball is a whole-body workout and is good for muscle development, it improves social interrelationships and team work skills, increases self-esteem, respect for authority, and promotes good sportsmanship.

Our school’s basketball teams is available to boys from 4th to 12th grade.

Boys I: Grades: 4th to 7th
Boys II: Grades 8th to 12th


Playing volleyball will help improve students’ flexibility, balance, and coordination. The earlier the students are introduced to the sport of volleyball, the more likely they are to develop the correct techniques. 

SMS’s volleyball team is available to girls in grades 4th – 12th. 

Girls I: Grades: 4th to 7th
Girls II: Grades: 8th to 12th

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