Board of Directors

Ensures organizational and instructional effectiveness

The Board of Directors operates in accordance with its legal bylaws and in full support of the school’s administrative and leadership teams.

The SMS Board of Directors together with the Head of School, oversees all operational resources to ensure organizational and instructional effectiveness, as well as financial stability for the school. 



SMS Board

We stay in the family

St. Michael’s School has a seven-member Board of Directors, representative of the school’s educational community.

The Board is structured so that through its members there will be adequate representation of the community, the financial and academic sectors, as well as, representation from the school’s parent community. 

The Board consists of a President, Vice-President, Consultant, Former Parent Representative, Former Alumni Representative, and two Vocals, monitored by the Head of School.

All decisions and actions carried out by the Board of Directors are in accordance with the School’s vision, mission, and beliefs, in order to support the commitment to providing a quality educational program that complies with both U. S. standards (as set forth by COGNIA) and those of the Dominican Republic (as set forth by MINERD), with the necessary resources and qualified personnel to meet these standards.

The Board meets three times during the school year. In addition, the Board is called into session for extraordinary meetings when exceptional situations arise. The Board also can act as the intermediary body of appeals among different parties involved in the institution, to promote open discussions and communication among all groups. 

Meet Our Board Members

Carl Carlson


Miguel Logroño

Former Alumni

Eduardo Gutierrez

Vice President

Wendy De Marchena

Former Parent Representative

Alexander Holsteinson


SaraH Gonzalez


Marisela torres