Student Activities

Family Fun Day

The Parents’ Association, in conjunction with the school staff, organizes an annual Family Fun Day. This event consists of sports’ competitions, games, and rallies. Each Secondary School grade is also in charge of organizing a class-sponsored activity for the purpose of fund-raising.

Christmas Presentation

St. Michael’s School is also extremely proud of the annual Christmas presentation held every December, which is organized by the Music and Art departments. All Elementary grades, as well as many secondary students and staff, display their talents by singing, dancing, and acting.

Dominican Night

Every February, students of SMS celebrate the Dominican Republic, through projects and presentations. It is a colorful and festive time of the year, in which the wonderful and unique culture of this country is highlighted.

Spirit Week

Secondary students engage in friendly competition, as they test their sportsmanship and bring together the entire educational community. This is definitely something we all look forward to.

Talent Show

It’s not all about academics, SMS also showcases students’ talents in the annual Talent Show. Students have the opportunity to go on stage and share their special abilities. 

6th Grade Cultural Rally

An emblematic tradition for 6th grade students and their parents, which is coordinated by the Character Education Department, and is a favorite amongst our community. This cultural event serves multiple purposes, as that of educating our students in our country’s colonial history, provide a space for family integration, and promote a healthy family-school interaction. Our Senior class also participate and serve as judges for the event, as a way to enhance their sense of belonging.  

Thanksgiving Mass

A very significant ritual for our community, as we celebrate the virtue of being thankful for all the blessings received each year.  A special blessing is also given to our graduating class, wishing them well in their upcoming new life.  In addition, the Parents’ Association organizes a breakfast to share with all students and staff. 

Mother's Day

An emotional and beautiful activity that our children and mothers look forward to every year.  We take this opportunity to honor those special women in the lives of our students, especially for their limitless love, dedication, and devotion to their families.  It is also an occasion for our students to showcase their artistic skills. 

Upcoming Events