SMS has implemented after-school clubs for the elementary school. These clubs are imparted from 3:00-5:00p.m, Mondays through Fridays and they include: arts and crafts, boys and girls soccer and choir.

T.V. Free Week is another activity that our students look forward to. During this week, students participate in a great deal of activities that exclude watching television. The school also receives support from bookstores and activity centers (such as Thesaurus and The Body Shop). Activities include family day, where parents and other family members participate in games, competitions and afternoon activities that give students an alternative to watching T.V. A reading contest is also part of our T.V. Free week.

Reading contests are a fun and challenging part of the Elementary School activities. These contests are held twice throughout the school year. The school also sponsors a Christmas reading contest during Christmas vacation. Contests are held between each grade to promote the habit of reading.

St. Michael’s School is also extremely proud of their annual Christmas show held every December with the hard work of the music and arts departments. All elementary grades, as well as many high school students and staff display their talents by singing, dancing and acting.

The school provides opportunities for both Elementary and Secondary School students to engage in community service and outreach activities. All students have worked hard in fund-raising community service projects.

The Parents’ Association, in conjunction with the school staff, organizes an annual Field Day. This event consists of sports competitions, games, and rallies. Each Secondary School grade is also in charge of organizing a class-sponsored activity for the purpose of fund-raising.