Character Education

Education based on Virtues, Ethics & Morality

The school’s vision states that we attach equal importance to academic excellence and the ethical education of our students. In addition to teaching, we educate in virtues that we treat as a regular subject. These virtues are also integrated into the academic curriculum and incorporated in some way, at the discretion of the teachers, in each subject taught at the institution, taking advantage of any moment when the ethical experience can be reinforced.

Character Education and Religion, that is also responsibility if this Department, are taught in Spanish because it is proven that everything that has to do with emotions is better comprehended in the mother tongue.

SMS is a secular school and it is extremely respectful of any beliefs. However, considering that the majority of our enrollment is Catholic, as well as, also being the religion of the Founders and the Board of Directors, Catholicism is  considered to be the official religion of the school. It is taught from the first year of Elementary School until the 10th Grade of Secondary School.

Social & Emotional Programs


Community Outreach

Una Esperanza

Working year-round on our virtues

Throughout the school year (September-June), the following virtues are emphasized in the learning process: PEACE, RESPECT, LOVE, TOLEANCE, HAPPINESS, RESPONSIBILITY, COOPERATION, HUMILITY, HONESTY and SIMPLICITY. 

TOLERANCERESPECT, HONESTY and RESPONSIBILITY are essential for developing skills to solve conflicts, in order to acquire a culture of peace.

In addition, FREEDOM, UNITY, and GRATITUDE are  intrinsically included in the curriculum.

Escuela de Padres

Character Building Resources

Our school provides faculty and parents with the necessary resources and information to acquire or improve skills or techniques for the development of healthy and happy families, harmonized with the beliefs and principles of the institution.