Activity in tune with the Program after the Earth «SMS Zone 3-R» – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, coordinated by the Committee for Community Service from the Parents Association at SMS, composed of:

  • Alicia Abreu de Peña
  • Brenda Báez de Costa
  • Gina Lovatón de Pagés, Cordinator
  • Lara Guerrero de Álvarez
  • Peggy Coto de Fiallo
  • Yira Dargám de Barceló, Parents Association President

Outstanding Participation by SMS:

Ms. Carla Garcia Fasel, Data Coach, who actively participated with great efficiency and enthusiasm in logistics and data collection throughout the process.


  • Fundación Ozama RD Verde, Inc. 
  • Los amigos del Ozama
  •  Mr. Carlos Perkins Torres, Presidente

Place: Humedales del Ozama

  • Number of Trees Planted: 2,346
  • Type of trees planted: Mahogany, Mara, Acacias, Oak


  • 99 adults
  • 98 kids and teens (81 SMS Students + 17 Family Members)
  • 197 people in total


  • 51 families
  • 25 SMS staff members

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