The Reading Contest is Back!

In the words of St. Michael’s dedicated readers, get the scoop on this year’s Reading Contest.
Written by Laura Bencosme and Alexandra de Camps

It’s that time of the year again, where children submerge into books, eager to see who the winners of this year’s reading contest will be. The Reading Contest this year will be happening from October 1st through October 22nd. The Reading Contest has been a long-held tradition in our school community, which provokes excitement for all elementary students from 1st to 6th grade, all of them eager to read as much as they can. The Reading Contest enhances reading skills, expands children’s vocabulary and develops their critical thinking. Ms. Hermida, the head behind the reading contest, continuously encourages students of all ages to participate, and become active member of our school library.

We interviewed students from 1B, to capture their thoughts on the Contest, as well as on Reading in General.

Camila Volcan, First Grade

The Dolphin Post: Which is your favorite book?

Camila: I like all books. They are all my favorites.

Maximilian Gauster, First Grade

The Dolphin Post: Do you read everyday?

Maximilian: Yes.

The Dolphin Post: For how long?

Maximilian: Sometimes 14 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes, and one day I read for 42 minutes!

The Dolphin Post: What is your favorite book?

Maximilian: The ones I make!

Evidently, the reading contest has sparked a great interest for reading, and, in some cases, even for writing on our smallest students! The outcomes of the reading contest are amazing! We are glad that this event has thrived in our community.

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