Parent's Association

The Parents’ Association (PA) contributes to the school in a variety of ways. Members of the PA are elected each year during the school’s Open House. Throughout the year, these delegates from each class provide support by organizing field trips, inviting guest speakers, assisting in social service projects, and serving as a liaison between the school’s leadership and parents of their class.

In conjunction with the Head of School, the PA coordinates some school-wide fund raising activities that benefit both the school and the community at large. 


The primary objectives of the Parents’ Association are the following:


Motivate collaborative work among the community.


Assist in finding ways of for improving the necessary resources for the school's success.


Help making school facilities adequate and agreeable for instructional and curricular activities.


Enhance moral values in school.


Stimulate enthusiasm for the school. 


Support strong and effective working relationships among the members of our community.


Encourage initiative--taking among parents.

School Events

The Parents' Association is also in charge of organizing the Family Fun Day, Thanksgiving Mass and Breakfast, Dominican Week, among others.